White MT UV light


HVAC systems often contain built-up mold and bacteria. After research, it was found that UV light can kill mold, viruses and bacteria, and these methods have been seen to be effective in HVAC systems. Since these systems have been proven to be so effective in killing viruses, research has also pointed to UV light killing the corona virus.


There are two kinds of HVAC UV light:

1. Coil Sanitizing Lights: If you have central air, you have an indoor coil to circulate cool air. These coils condense moisture making the area damp.  As air passes this damp spot, dirt and debris can stick to the wet surface making an ideal spot for mold and bacteria to build. However, this light works to kill and prevent the build-up of this inevitable bacteria and mold.
2. Air Sanitizing Lights: HVAC germicidal lights brings returning air to the system in order to kill airborne germs and mold.  
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