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Air Duct Cleaning

When spring cleaning rolls around, most people pass over the fact that their air ducts need some cleaning of their own. When it comes to your home and the air your family breathes, clean air ducts should be at the top of the list.  And the professionals at White Mountain Air are just the people to help with your vent cleaning needs. We specialize in Air Duct Cleaning, A/C Coil Cleaning, Air Purification, etc.

Having your ducts cleaned is important every season but mostly in or before Winter and Summer. The seasons can have an impact on your home in more ways than you think. Keep these things in mind when considering your air vent cleaning:

White mountain air duct cleaning

Winter, especially in the North East, can get very cold as we know and most of us want our houses to be warm and toasty without spending a fortune on energy bills. With duct cleaning right before winter, the clean ducts will allow for the air to circulate freely, which then boosts heating efficiency and saves energy! Save yourself the extra money spent on heating bills. Most homeowners also do not know that little pests like mice and squirrels hide in the vents to keep out of the cold. This can cause blocks and even odors you do not want to flow through your home. These should be removed anytime during Winter or right before Summer in order to keep those vents empty of unwanted animals.

It is known that outdoor air pollution is bad, but did you know indoor air pollution can be worse? Especially if you have a smoker in the house, your air quality will be significantly poor. After a duct cleaning that is long overdue, you will notice an immediate difference in air quality. This boost in air quality is important especially in the summertime where families suffer from allergies and asthma the most. If you have a pet, did you know that fur and pet dander build up in your vents as well as your furniture and floors? We can eliminate this with a duct cleaning to provide a better breathing experience for you as well!

If you wait to get your air ducts cleaned, the piled-up dust and debris within will blow out and cover your furniture, carpets, and drapes.

This will leave you with even more cleaning to be done and who wants that? No one! Let us clean your ducts for you, with additional services in carpet cleaning if requested, so you can spend less time cleaning and more time relaxing.

White Mountain Air offers duct cleaning services within New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and larger cities in New York including Rochester, Buffalo, and Albany. Are you breathing contaminated air? Contact us to schedule your next duct cleaning!

White Mountain Air Duct Cleaning Before Heating Season

It may be hot now, and heating your home is probably the last thing on your mind. However, preparing for cooler weather before it hits is crucial! It is important to have your home’s air ducts cleaned before the heating season for a multitude of reasons.

Clean air ducts will create a healthier environment in your home. Air ducts can house dust, dander, pollen and bacteria. Having these substances blowing through the air while heating your home during the winter can cause allergy flare-ups, illnesses, and difficulty breathing. Cleaning your air ducts is important for these reasons, especially since your immune system is often weaker during the colder months. Professional air duct cleaning will keep your home and family healthy and comfortable. 

Clean air ducts can also reduce your energy bills. Having clogged and dirty ducts results in an increased need for energy as it becomes more difficult to push air through. This leads to the air pumping through the HVAC system, resulting in the collection of debris and dust in air filters and internal HVAC components. By having your air ducts professionally cleaned, you avoid the collection of dust in these components, thus lowering your energy bill. 

Your home’s heating season and holiday season fall around the same time of year. Having your home’s air ducts deep cleaned before hosting friends and family will eliminate the potential for a lingering nasty odor. The buildup of debris in your air ducts can cause a stale and musty smell. Another point to note is that with a constant flow of people in and out of your home, additional dirt and dust may come with them. This can cause increased debris and dust accumulation within the ducts. Be proactive and have your air ducts cleaned before the chaos.

Lastly, having your air ducts regularly cleaned will extend the lifespan and improve the efficiency of these appliances.